Powerful. Passionate. Commited.

I have been coding with HTML as a hobby for a little over a year. Recently, a decision to pursue a career change has led me to follow coding full time.

In the past month I have taught myself HTML5, CSS and Javascript. I have begun learning Ruby, and am planning on focusing on C# and .NET frameworks next.

While I certainly dont have the job site experience that others might have, or as extensive a portfolio as some of my competition, I bring with me a passion and dedication to this new career path that will be difficult to find in any individual I might be competing with.

I find myself dreaming code, learning all I can about this exciting new (for me) field, and excited each morning when I log in.


HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Gimp, Premier, FTP, API, Project Management
Trained through Codecademy & Free Code Camp




My name is Chance Hartman. I've been set on fire, thrown into walls, and tossed off buildings. As a former Stunt Coordinator and Performer, I can confidently say I can handle anything throwm at me. I am now retired from the film industry and have fallen in love with Front End Development. My favorite aspect of coding is the creation process requires both logic and problem solving combined with creativity. I have always been a creative individual, but having to solve problems at the same time? Fantastic. Also, I dont have to worry about breaking any bones while coding!
My life has always been focused on personal growth. I dont stagnate well, and must always be building, or learning, or honing something. Front End Development offers me a wide world that I have barely scratched the surface on. I am beyond excited!

Thank you for visiting my profile page! Please feel free to add me via the links below, or contact me for any positions you may have available at this time. I would love to be part of your team, and feel that I can bring a unique perspective. Thank you again.